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Naturist spycams *** . . Hi to all. We've browsed your site for sometime. So we thought it was time to contri. We now have a turn, they're not of me they are of hubby. There are not a lot of pictures of guys here for us ladies, so here you go ladies! Don't get me wrong i do like women Also. Therefore I hope the comments on bb are good ladies, then there For all you guys that think you are bigger and better, then lets see you get your goodies out here. Until that time then, I dont want any opinions from you guys :) Please do not post my email address. Till next time, Bye. PS Hope to hear from women from around Milwaukee.

3 year ago

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That reminds me-time to mow the lawn.


Hummm.... superb wifey !!! Trade pics with us ? frmar@yahoo.es


I posted myself on3 Feb under Keeping Hubby Blessed. I sense it is a wife's job - responsibility - to be her husband's super-bitch and whore. isn't that why i married him - to be have pleasure and keep him? i love women like me and it is not the figure as much as a woman's attitude about her figure that keeps us hot and sexy to our man. wantslutub@yahoo.com


Hi Jack, Anne looks so sexy notably in stockings. I would love to pose with her. I am Tony 51 from the midlands email ajr1306@aol.com


That is ONE Sleek CUNT!!!!!!


wow excellent sexy body.....u wud have me hard all day long...thanks for posting...send me en email if u like luv to see more of u


Nothing Strikes The Taste of Mature Lusty Ladies Over Fifty!This Is One Beauty I Could Indeed Love Fervor With, Thanks For Sharing Folks! Yummmmmmmm!


I'd love to find her under my tree.


cellulite queen


I love to observe a doll have fun! Supreme view!


i want to lay on my back behind you... you not knowing who it is and you bring that sweet fuckbox down to my mouth so i can eat suck and probe you to orgasim... yummm! debtdr@hotmail.com


Angelina my love. These are SUPERB. But only you could pull this off. It's refreshing to see a beautiful woman in other than 'stripper' conditions. Keep attempting fresh things...you can do it.[I'm drooling on my keyboard]. Oh, I flagged all the


What beautiful looking feet. I would love to suck on those toes all night lengthy. More feet pictures please.


ohhhhhh how i wish i was that pearl piercedsteveinphxaz@yahoo.com


Thank you... send more!


Apart from her absolutely ideal figure, the most beautifully formed breast I have ever seen, lovely lips, a superb culo and the flawless tan; she is an impressively hot fuck-fest bomb! I would love to see more of you. Keep posting babyRalph T


love playa fuck-a-thon bet she took her guys hard dick after the shoot


Stay there and I'll slide my pierced hard chisel into your sweet pussy.)


superb shot & would have been dual superb had those lil' tithes been exposed xx


yeah but,i'd love to suck on her vally...


Que coisa horrorosa!Pra que mostrar isso?


Why on earth do you "blur" her eyes? It's not like you are consistent in doing so, and it is not like she doesn't have many pictures with her eyes unblurred and we know what she looks like. It looks stupid when you do it and all you do i


another superb vote from your soldier you gorgeous doll!!!


Heck, I'll take care of her feet and anything else of hers that need taking care of!!And what a gorgeous pair of tits!!!


very nice send more display your sm tits i luv sm tits thanks


I bet she has the most beautifull caboose. Please demonstrate it to me!!!!


I'm mrbubrbr


Lee, you look so beautiful in these pictures... Very sexy figure with a striking face!!! In every picture I was drawn to your eyes... You were certainly made to be phoptographed!!! You are very sexy in every shot!!! You must post more, wihtout a doubt! Tha


Dear FrauYou are a godess of sensuality and erotism.You are a delicious sexy womena lump of seXual poetry!!!Thank you for be you!SincerelyChuck


Is this the girly magazine Cosmopolitan??? Where is the backside, tittie, & puss???


Good PICS. Id love to rim and finger that little bum fuck hole for you. And thayt testicle tonic pie on the bum...Id love to eat that and embark all over again slurping an rimming and slide into that cooch again. FIne pics.


what a hot sexy woman! like youthfull guys? this one got totally hard looking at your pics1 keep posting.steve


Such a Cutie...love the lil extra padding despite what others would say....pay no attention...you have kinks in all the right places...and you sure do look like you know how to use them babe....keep the posts cumming...you are adorable....nyguy1739@yahoo


Oh my god how awesome, plz post more


Da fängt der Morgen ja direkt richtig gut an.Scharfe Fotos. Damit werde ich mich heute bestimmt nochmal beschäftigen!Mountainstew@web.de


Wooooeeeeeee stunning,but hey I've said that before ))


Nice, but not rcmaterial!!!!




What a waste of time.....no tits, no pussy.....WTF!


Git your thumbs outta there; I want to gobble her! More pics, please...


Now there's a sweet little gash that I could truly bury my tongue into! For such a sweet, youthful lady, you do an awesome spread.


Auf solche Monster kann die Welt echt verzichten!!!


I bet sexy mum smacked her 8 year old for taking these before posting them !!


good tramp stamps, self mutilation is a hallmark of primitive tribes, who have only descended recently in human history from the trees onto the savannahs


I could do some serious bum worshipping on those two fine ladies.


A nice begin - trimmed and squeaky clean. Good enough to nibble and munch. Next time, plz post a internal cumshot shot, preferably from your brown sphincter. MORE!


Your tits are awsesome.


You have a splendid mature figure and a very pretty face. Wish this donk pic was a little nicer. Thanks for the effort tho. I would love to have fun with all your goodies and cover you in precum from my drooling beef whistle. Where do you like to take lengthy streaming jizz flows


Didn't you?


I would be willing to bet that you got social promotions all thru school until they kneed you out in the 6th grade !!!!!


Tsu ul mudurlugu kebab?


With that large room, you need a larger TV.


awesome, very sexy, you should see how hard you got me!!! more please


Can I just come over and see. I promise not to make a sound. Awesome pictures!!! Thanks


Hunny, you're beautiful and sexy! Top most of the chicks on here, youthful and old! You will be a welcome addition to my fantasies! -owkas713518@aol.com


Dear June,


ciao sei stupenda e molto intrigante ti andrebbe di fotoscambiare? msn aserdd@libero.it


Its not in public but the dark photos took some work and I do love them. They used a lengthy exposure to get the street all lit up like that. The model is dark but there is a mystery to those photos. I'm a photographer that shoots Escorts so I know a bit


good black and milky pics. you cooter is well clean-shaven. leaving little line makes hot than total platinum-blonde. my shaft liked it and want to fuck you baby. suck my chisel you will love to have deep jaws. get fucked.


i'll buy u a bottle of vodka


Must be whats under the mask either will make you barf or run in terror


Gosh! You have lovely all natural mammories which looks like the indian mangoes. They make me want to pinch and twist on those puffies. Your sexy assets got me so hot the my dick was up like a coconut tree. Wonder if you have plans to visit India, let me know I will be your tour guide and in that process my be I can get to treat those titties and your bod right :) lol! Bring on more pics to apsajith


flawless bush!! send more! toooo many boring smooth-shaven childish looking nymphs out there!


supreme cunt and belly.send many more please.


a can of petrol and a match could only make this thing hot


Damn I hope you are going to take more pics that wasn't right to do that to us. I need to see more


I do love pic. And a nicer camera pic would be good. You and your female friend are excellent. do you do any anil. Outstanding. Thanks Mr9 Fl


i'm crazy for your hairless pussy!! yoyu are very very sexy and titillating !


Das konnte sie bei mir auch machen


back again but blurring this time?So damn hot & sexy, I guess we'll live with the blurs


Jizm on TX......send me some pix!!!!


I want to do everyth


Hot lady look good !!!


Nice bum. Stanley Kowalski


wish I had your tied to the sofa posts and taunting you with your dearest plaything !!!! and then me !!!


You've got superbly shaped breasts and those light pink puffies are delicious looking. That's a beautiful butterfly also, but you are likely to receive some flak about it. My only complaint is that you are not using a model name for your posts. If you post any more pics and use a model name (even if it's Mottob) then your pics will automatically be linked so your 'fans' like me will be able to find you lighter. Welcome to NN by the way...I'm assuming you are fresh here...and I hope you love us as much as we are going to love you.


does she like fuck-a-thon and travel?well tell her to fuck off


Have any idea how old she was when these pics were taken?


WickedWeaselWenches @ Limerock?


very good arse babe!!


excellent figure, send in some more


sexy joy lovinglets have fun


Nice looking spunk-pump. Thanks to her.

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